• Donal Mosher


These Images are from Prom day in Pahokee Florida and from the surrounding regions, taken while doing film and sound work for the upcoming film by Patrick Bresnan and Ivette Lucas - Check out their amazing short films "The Send Off" and "The Rabbit Hunt" about these kids. Also check out Patrick's gorgeous photos from their project and this area.

Eureka Springs - Arkansas

Eureka Springs - Lee's Funeral

I spent my 50th birthday at the funeral of a man who became a film subject, a role model, and finally a friend. Lee and his husband Walter created an HIV/AIDS care ministry in Memphis (in a Baptist church no less) at a time when many doctors wouldn’t so much as touch an HIV patient. The bar he Walter opened 5 years ago remains one of those special southern havens, those secular, boozy churches, open to hell raisers of all spectrums of sexuality and gender. He could cast frigid shade, pronounce warmest love, and quote scripture with blasphemous grace –a whisky in one hand, a cigarette in the other. Thank you Lee! You loving, generous, chain smoking bitch-queen. There really couldn’t be a more profound gift then having met and shared a brief time with you!

Protests - Portland Oregon

pro Trump /free speech rally and counter protest

women's march

DACA support rally while wildfires filled the city with smoke and ash

Wahsington DC

DC Pride



This final image is from the Pop Up Magazine tour that included Strange Gardens - our piece about dreams caused by HIV meds, the history of medical visual technologies, and metaphoric concepts of spirit and disease. Performing among such talented and diverse contributors in Oakland, LA, DC, ST Paul, Portland, and Lincoln Center was a bright highlight in this dark year. (photo by Danny Grody).