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Spectral Transmissions 


“The haunted Museum” Christine Sheilds

“So Shall Distance Sing/ Macon Lights (featuring Jackie Torrence)” Colter Jacobsen, Mike Palmieri, Donal Mosher.

“Almost Midnight” Mystery Guest #1

From “The Lover” by Marguerite Duras, read by Maya Daisy Hawke

“Nobody” by Carl Sandberg read by Stephanie Skaff

“What Should We Bring Tomorrow?” TS Thomas Leonard

“Ghosts” Dodie Bellamy

“Face Down” Mystery Guest #2

“A Hint of Rosemary” by Steven Sheil, read by Jeanie Finlay



MULTIMEDIA  CONTRIBUTORS:                                                                                   Derek McCormack, Liz Walsh and Eric Landmark, Simon Evans, Bradford Nordeen, Paul Rowley with Gays Against Guns, Sierra Pettengill and Aric Grauke, Sharon Van Etten and Mike Palmieri, Christine Sheilds, Carter Sickels, Toby Bull, Kelly Pratt, Kia and Essence with Strange Hotels, Jonh Blanco, Peter Condra

Derek McCormack

Castle Faggot

Castle Faggot

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Liz Walsh with Eric Landmark